Reinforced Concrete Slab

Tricourt Piling & Foundations LTD are experienced in all aspects of reinforced concrete constructions, we are able to provide skilled operatives for steel fixing, form work and concrete placement and concrete finishing, retaining walls, capping beams, ground beams, raft slabs and pile caps.


Tricourt Piling & Foundations LTD has over 30 years’ experience in traditional concrete underpinning. Our expertise has been used on a number of different access sites, listed buildings and stately homes. Piles and needle beam remedial underpinning is a cost and time effective method of underpinning where wet or unstable ground conditions prevail.


Tricourt Piling & Foundations LTD can tailor a piling solution to your individual needs. Remedial “Chance” screw piles and jacking to deal with subsidence to low rise buildings. Steel case driven piles for new construction and remedial repairs. Ideally suited to brown field or wet sites. CFA/open bored augured piles for retaining walls, sensitive sites or sites adjacent to existing buildings.


Domestic drainage, septic tanks, attenuation tanks, hydro breaks deep manhole construction.

Reinforced concrete works

Reinforced concrete, ground beams, pile caps, raft slabs, capping beams, base slabs. We are able to provide a cost effective and practical solution to drainage issues


Traditional mass concrete underpinning, jacking, remedial piles and needle beam repairs

Basement construction

Contiguous piled walls, king post walls, excavations, temporary works installation and muck away.

Tricourt Piling & Foundations LTD have a wealth of knowledge in basement construction, from temporary work design, excavations, muck away and reinforced concrete works we can provide a complete package.