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Piling and ground beams

Piling and ground beams for an executive home with sensitive tree protection measures

Remediation of riverbed, Christchurch

Remediation of a section of the riverbed at Christchurch using Gabion Baskets on a reinforced concrete base.

Nadura Installation

Installation of Insulated concrete form work for an executive property in Surrey

Concrete Culvert in Romsey

Relocation and reconstruction of a reinforced concrete culvert to enable construction of a reinforced concrete basement in Romsey.

Concrete Piled Raft Slabs in Poole

250mm thick reinforced concrete piled raft slab on heave protection for new properties in Poole.

Steel Cased Piles in Avon Castle

150mm & 220mm steel cased piles for a timber framed house in Avon Castle which were installed to 6m deep to achieve a safe working load of 90 and 220kN respectively.

King Post Wall in Ringwood

King post wall to support the banks of a stream in Ringwood. Steel posts were driven into the bank at a depth of 4m.

Reinforced Concrete Base in Brokenhurst

Reinforced concrete base for a triple garage basement in Brockenhurst.

Rotary Bored Piles in Romsey

Rotary bored piles for a remedial repair in Romsey. Piles where 350mm diameter at 12m deep.